Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seasons would come and go but you would always find me

Seasons would come
seasons would go
but you would
find me in all seasons
flowing with
fresh river waters
In fragrance of
spring-buds of
to be flowering trees
Alogwith widespread
green fields,
of farmers
Dancing with
melodious chorus of
chirping birds
In the moonlit night of
full moonday
Along grassy pastures of
free wandering shepherds,nomads
With free skyflier birds
Top hill of
snowclad mountain peaks
aha..! my thrilling nature
let me flow
as naturally as
you flow in me.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

अपने खूंटे को तलाशती गाए -कविता-अश्विनी रमेश

माँ के
बनाये खूंटे की
वह छान्व्बरी गाए
जो रोज सुबह
अपने खूंटे से
खुलते ही
जंगल की आज़ादी भरी
खुली आबोहवा में
चरने और मस्ती करने के बाद
शाम को
खूंटे के नजदीक पहुँचते ही
माँ को देखकर
ज़ोर ज़ोर से
 करती थी
फिर माँ को
पैरों से घुटने तक
अपने का अहसास करके
अपनी गर्दन कृतज्ञता में
झुका दिया करती थी
जो अपनों के संसार को पाकर
कितनी आज़ाद थी
मगर गलोब्लैजेशन और उपभोक्तावाद
ने तो आज
माँ की उस
संवेदनशील गाए को
असंवेदनशील सडकों पर
खुला घुमने के लिए
बिलकुल आज़ाद  छोड़ दिया है
क्योंकि आज़ादी की
यह नयी परिभाषा
सब पर लागू होती है न
क्योंकि यह गलोब्लैजेशन का
दौर जो है
सड़क नापती
दर दर भटकती
वह गाए
जो कभी माँ की चहेती
हुआ कराती थी
आज अपने खूंटे को

तलाश रही है
और तलाश रही है उस
माँ को
जिसको घुटने तक सूंघते ही
वह आनंद भरी
नींद में सो जाया करती थी
क्या तुम उस गाए को
खूंटे पर बाँधने का
कष्ट करके
अपनी माँ के ढूध से
उरिण नहीं होओगे !

Friday, December 17, 2010

Come and..Go-a poem

Come and..Go

you would be
weary of the world
Of its;
hates, agonies, miseries
you think and feel
has fallen upon you
like iron blows
you feel
twinkling stars,
flowing beautiful rivers
calm oceans
even can not
soothe you
come to me
to heal your
every wound
with cures of
fellow feeling
of human touch
to the extent where
you would
tend to feel
to be at home
where the
sense of weariness
would have
changed to
and then...go.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Isque wo aatish hai Galib jo lagai na lage aur bujhai na bujhe.

This is a poetic verse 'Sher' by reknowned Urdu poet Galib meaning thereby that love is such a fire which neither can be lit up by putting on efforts and when it is once lit up nor it can be extinguished
by putting on efforts.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Follow word uncomfortable on twitter.

The word"follow" seems to be uncomfortable for genious people. why one is to follow the
other one when everyone has got his own level of conscience. Thus to follow anyone other
leaving yourself behind is nothing less than madness. Thus the evaluation of tweets should
be based on its content and should be commented as "Qualitative" "less Qualitative" and "Non-
Qualitative" Life is not a race in which some are to be left behind but life is a beautiful God
gift or the gift of nature and should be lived its own way to be controlled by one's conscience.

My Search from truth upto truth.

I have gone through all the prevailing philosophies in the world.All these search but one thing i.e.laws of
existence i.e. truth.Objective of human life being how to attain blissfulness or happiness in life. All of us
strive for attainment of bliss or happiness but really how many could attain that.Many people throughout
life are not able to know what to livc & why  to live. All search for true happiness but true happiness is not
there even for few moments and not to talk of whole life. Thus here only one question that emerges is "to know" and then what the "truth" itself. It is here that to know the truth is knowledge ttand knowledge
thus is said to be power. But how to attain that power i.e. how to attain knowledge is the real quest which the searcher of truth or knowledge must have.Then start searching from yourself what Iam & why Iam-this quest would inspire you to tread further on the path of searech for truth.There is no shortcuts to know truth or to be in knowledge.As pains are always associated with pleasure similarly
penance is always associated with truth. Truth can't be known without be continued later on.